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Taking Care of Your Maritime SURVEY in the Mediterranean

The office in Port-Vendres, located between Sète and Barcelona, offers you the opportunity
to explore the various stages of a maritime survey request.

Our surveyor handles your case from the initial request to the delivery of the report.

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The Different Stages, from the Request to the Report

Discover the different stages of a maritime expertise or settlement of an amicable dispute or dispute.

1.    Making contact

The first step is to contact our expertise firm in Port-Vendres, in France. You can contact us by telephone, by email or by filling out an information request on our site.

2. Define needs In order to best meet your expectations, our maritime expert can contact you to clarify your request. At the end, you will receive a proposal in the form of a free quote serving as an expertise contract.

3.    Agreement on your needs and expectations

Signing the quote and paying a predefined deposit triggers the opening of your file with our firm.

4.On-site survey

Our surveyor inspects the yacht in the presence of the owner or his representative or directs the contradictory operations during an expert meeting in the presence of the opposing party(ies).

5 .Establishment of an survey report

Payment of the balance of the fees and delivery of the report closes the mission. The report drawn up by our firm is sent to you electronically (PDF document) or by post (only on request)