Maritime expertise in Port-Vendres - Our ethics

Ethics of our maritime expert
in the Pyrénées-Orientales

According to the AFNOR AC X50- 827 Agreement of 01/2006, the Saint-Jours firm in Port-Vendres, between Sète and Tarragonne, invites you to discover the different stages of a request for maritime expertise until the delivery of the report.

Independence and impartiality

•The expert is committed to carrying out each assignment independently.

•The expert must carry out his mission in such a way that his impartiality is not called into question. It draws up its report and its conclusions in a completely neutral manner, answering the various questions raised with objectivity and impartiality.
In this sense, there must be no relationship of a private nature or of a hidden commercial interest between the expert and his client, and, if applicable, the person whose property has been damaged.

• The expert must inform his client if there is anything likely to influence his judgment; and should not accept orders of the same nature either.

• The expert refrains from any commercial activity in the field of pleasure boating. He must in no case acquire property subject to his expertise, nor act as a broker.

• In the context of an adversarial claims assessment and in general, the expert respects the adversarial principle.


Integrity and probity

• A maritime and river expert in pleasure boats must not have been declared in a state of bankruptcy, judicial settlement, liquidation of property.

• He must not have been dismissed, dismissed or convicted for acts contrary to probity and good morals.

• The expert refrains from any practice tending to harm the profession. He does not carry any unfavorable or disrespectful assessment towards his colleagues.


• The expert refrains from accepting a mission for which he does not have the required skills. It clearly defines its area of expertise and describes the exact field of its expertise activity.

• The expert undertakes to accomplish his mission personally. However, the expert may request the advice of another expert, within the meaning of this Agreement, a sapper or a qualified person, for any specific or technical question not falling within his competence and which may arise during the execution. of its mission.

• The expert may also seek, with the client's agreement, the conclusions of another expert, on specific issues not falling within his competence. These conclusions are referenced and appended to the report.

• The expert maintains and continuously develops his technical and regulatory knowledge in the field of pleasure boats.

The Rules of Professional Conduct of the Judicial Expert

According to the rules of the CNCEJ modified on May 9, 2012.

Registration on the list of justice experts at the Montpellier Court of Appeal and membership in a member company of the National Council of Judicial Experts Companies (CNCEJ) imply the rules of ethics as well as good practices of civil judicial expertise in the European Union:

Rules of ethics of the Judicial Expert

Guide to good practices in civil judicial expertise in the European Union