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Professional maritime advice in Catalonia

Cabinet Saint jours Conseil à l'achat

Pre-transactional survey

You wish to buy or sell a monohull, multihull, sailboat or motor yacht, following the yacht afloat inspection visit, the live works inspection visit and the dynamic tests, the expert will write a detailed report which will include :

  • the detailed condition report of the yacht and its equipment: mainly visual examination of the accessible parts, non-destructive and without dismantling including the appraisal of the gear (steering gear, rigging and spars, engines and their auxiliaries, electricity, electronics, hydraulic, safety equipment, etc.), the search for the possible presence of osmosis, delamination, electrolysis or corrosion depending on the types of materials used, but also the detection of structural problems (unit integrity), buoyancy or stability ;.
  • the list of recommendations and possible repairs to be taken into account immediately or to be planned;
  • the assessment of the market value of the yacht, taking into account the characteristics of the boat, its general condition, the observations and recommendations mentioned in the report, its equipment and materials on board, the trend of the second-hand market for this type of yacht on the day of the appraisal;


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Recreational maritime assessment report

For the subscription to an insurance contract, for customs, for a transaction of shares in co-ownership or for an inheritance: assessment of the market value of the vessel and its equipment

This type of observation consists of evaluating the market value of the vessel taking into account the characteristics of the boat, its general condition, the observations and recommendations mentioned in the report, its on-board equipment and materials, the market trend of the yacht, opportunity for the type of vessel on the day of the assessment.


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Assistance with the purchase, advice and reception of the yacht

In what cases could the assistance and advice of an surveyor benefit you?

  • You are interested in a yacht for sale in the Mediterranean, the trip is too expensive to come and / or you do not have enough time. Our surveyor is on site and can carry out a pre-expertise in order to give you a reasoned opinion according to your specifications, accompanied by photos.
  • The yacht you have chosen can then benefit from in-depth expertise, pre-transactional type with the condition report and the assessment of the market value, allowing you to validate your choice. In this case, 50% of the fees for the pre-visit of the boat will be deducted.

You have your sailboat or motor yacht transported by a skipper or transported by cargo to or from the Mediterranean. You cannot be there for departure or reception and you want our expert to note the condition of your boat before and / or after transport. Our surveyor is on site, he can represent you and carry out a departure or reception expertise in order to make an inventory accompanied by photos which may be legally binding in the event of a dispute.

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Technical SURVEY

Osmosis control, shell thickness measurement, oil analysis, dynamic tests, electrical measurement ...

  • Measurement of the humidity levels of the living works of your boat in the laminate or the wood, which can lead to recommendations for treatments to be implemented such as osmotic treatment, for example.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement of metal, steel and aluminum shells. COFREND certified Non Destructive Controls (NDT) measurement by ULTRASON level 1
  • The condition of the propulsion engine (s), reverse gearbox by oil analysis.
  • Dynamic test and / or handling
  • The structural condition of a sandwich deck, of a varangage against molded hull on a polyester production boat, of monohull or catamaran bulkheads
  • The condition of an electrical, mechanical, hydraulic installation, the condition of the rigging and sails.
  • Depending on your needs, a combination of these different types of controls may be desirable. Contact the surveyor to determine the most suitable solution.


Quality control of work

  • Your boat needs a partial, complete renovation, or major work.
  • You want the realization to comply with an estimate and maritime regulations, under the control of an surveyor.


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To request information from our maritime surveyor or to schedule an appointment, please contact us now!