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Your maritime surveyor

Our maritime expertise firm, Saint-Jours Marine Surveyor, was established by Bastien Saint-Jours. With over 25 years of experience in the field of nautical expertise, our firm has a rich history. While we were once located in Martinique, our office is now situated along the shores of the Mediterranean in Port-Vendres.

Port-Vendres holds a strategic position in the Mediterranean, halfway between Sète and Barcelona, close to Canet en Roussillon, Roses, and Empuries. Our firm is available upon request to provide guidance, boat appraisals, and resolution of maritime and river disputes in both France and Spain.

As seasoned maritime experts, we offer our pre-transactional survey to assist you with amicably addressing your maritime needs, whether it involves sailboats, yachts, or vessels.

Our role as surveyor witnesses enables us to offer effective and informed mediation, as well as impartial arbitration services in case of disputes. We have a solid understanding of technical aspects such as osmosis, sails, rigging, engines, and propulsion. For any maritime or river survey needs, we are your trusted mediator for informed and harmonious solutions.

The journey of Bastien Saint-Jours, maritime surveyor

Bastien Saint-Jours began his career in the maritime field in the French merchant navy. He later became a civil engineer, specializing in maritime and river expertise.

He holds certification from the National Society of Professional Engineers of France (SNIPF), accredited by COFRAC.

He is also certified by COFREND, in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), in the Manufacturing and Maintenance/Mechanical sector (ultrasonic measurement).

Bastien Saint-Jours is a judicial expert, registered with the Court of Appeal of Montpellier (E.7.12-E.7.13-E.7.14-E.7.15)

and a judicial expert, registered with the Administrative Court of Appeal of Toulouse (E.7.12-E.7.13-E.7.14-E.7.15-E.8.2).


Bastien Saint-Jours is also a certified mediator by the ARMEDIS Institute (Paris). He can engage in amicable mediation, also known as conventional mediation.

He is a member of the Chamber of Experts of Pyrénées-Orientales and the European College of Maritime and River Experts (CEEMF).

His diverse background has equipped him with numerous essential skills to successfully carry out his maritime expert missions.

After obtaining a diploma from the National School of Merchant Navy in Marseille, he received excellent education in the maritime domain. As a versatile first-class officer, he successfully completed missions on various types of vessels (cable ships, oil tankers, cruise ships, supply MPSVs).


Later on, he became a master sailmaker and then a production director within a globally renowned sailmaking group. These various positions allowed him to gain undeniable technical knowledge in the field of sails and boats. He can identify damages and find appropriate solutions for their repair. Passionate about sailing since his early childhood, he has completed several transatlantic crossings and deliveries aboard pleasure boats, as well as high-level regattas as a skipper.

For maritime advice regarding a purchase, evaluation, or the resolution of a dispute, rely on the expertise of Saint-Jours Maritime Expert in Port-Vendres, Catalonia.

The strengths of our maritime SURVEY firm

Pus Our firm provides quality follow-up to all of its clients, whether
for advice or expertise in an amicable and legal dispute.
We are independent with a total absence of bias, in order to carry out all the missions of our clients. We have the necessary certifications to practice in maritime expertise. We are registered with the Montpellier Court of Appeal and are regularly called for the settlement of amicable or legal disputes.
Whether for advice, maritime expertise or the settlement of a dispute, we always intervene with the same professionalism. We assure you impartiality and integrity.

Your maritime SURVEYOR

Pus Discover the different services offered by our maritime expertise firm in Port-Vendres, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, in Occitanie and in Cataloni


Your maritime expert offers you tailor-made professional advice in various fields. We intervene at your request for advice on the purchase, a quality control of work, an assessment report, a measurement of the thickness of the hull, or the preparation and presentation of a ship file to the Safety Center of Ships (CSN). Other services and advice may be offered to you according to your needs


In a dispute between two parties, the Saint-Jours expertise firm in Port-Vendres, between Port Camargue and Tarragona, via Sète and Barcelona, represents you. For out-of-court disputes as well as for legal disputes before the courts, our maritime expert carries out all the findings and investigations necessary to defend your interests.


Our opening hours

Our maritime survey firm is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Practice area

Our maritime expertise firm in Port-Vendres operates in Vilanova i Geltru, Barcelona, Empuries, Roses, Argelès-sur-Mer, Saint-Cyprien, Canet-en-Roussillon, Le Barcarès, Port-Leucate, Gruissan, La Grande Motte, Port Camargue, Port Saint-Louis-du-Rhône...

For any information request or to make an appointment with our marine surveyor, contact us.